Visiting To New Zealand

Posted on Saturday, September 6, 2008 by khabibkhan

Like known country New Zealand consist of two main islands is known as north island and south island. a large part citizen lives in North Island because warmer the weather than South Island the location to South Pole, although so South Island this is very famous the beauty and many visited tourist. famous city many at visits tourists is Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch

Auckland is biggest city either from the citizen also vast the region. Actually auckland consist of several cities that finally merger to grow into one. If will see map appear auckland that as will be surrounded sea so that be called also sail city because sea sport fan quantity. cheap Auckland Hotel with complete facilities can you find here.

Wellington City littleer at equal with city auckland, air temperature at wellington more cool than Auckland, at Wellingtone often rain and wellington at know as windy city. for your inn place affair can stay at Wellingtone Hotel.

latest city often at visits many tourists is Christchurch, christchurch is be business centre city, although business downtown, here many tour places enough beautiful, like axis relaxing at hanmer springs, cherry blossoms, hagley park, spring scene, etc. available also cheap Christchurch Hotel here.