Reset Printer Canon i320, i255

Posted on Monday, April 20, 2009 by khabibkhan

Waste Ink Counter Reset.

Step 1 : Manual Temporary

  • Unplug power and USB.

  • Open door and hold power button.

  • Connect power.

  • Close door, then release power button.

or Step 1: Manual Temporary
  • Turn off the printer. And disconnect the printer cable.

  • Press and hold the POWER button, turn on the printer.

  • The indicator (L.E.D.) should be green.

  • Press and release the RESUME button , the indicator (L.E.D.) should be orange.

  • Press and release the RESUME button again, the indicator (L.E.D.) should be green.

  • Release both buttons.

step 2 : Software for Permanant
  • Reconnect the printer cable.

  • Open General Tools software and select (USB PORT)

  • Choose (SET DESTINATION 1) And it should be reset.

Remark “After service mode Pls use software for permanent reset”