Download Dragon BAll Z Game-Arena Battle

Posted on Tuesday, May 12, 2009 by khabibkhan

Dragonball Z Arena Battle is a one or two player fighting game staring eight of the DBZ characters:GOKU, GOHAN, KURIRIN, PICOLLO, TENSHINHAN, TRUNKS, VEDITA and FRIEZA. Instead of fighting with your hands and feet, you use your special powers to fight, some of which are unique to each Dragonball character. Some of these which you DBZ fans will recognize are: Kamehameha, Clone, Burning attack, Protect Ball and Death Ball. There are two different modes of play against the computer and one mode for two players.

This game is from Brazil and was origanlly in Portugeese, but I have translated the HTML file and parts of the game into English to make it more playable by English speaking people. I did not have the source code, so I was unable to do a complete translation, but still the game is much more enjoyable.

The game has been tested by us at Caiman with Windows 98/2000/XP and runs fine. I have observed one minor problem while exiting the game which is worth noting. In Windows 2000, the game does not exit completely. A task manager is needed to completely quit the program. The game has both music and sound effects some of which are distorted. The game play is quite good, but I noticed no difference between the three levels of dificulty.

Keyboard Controls:

During the Battle:
P = Pause
Esc = Leave current game

1st Player:
Right = Right arrow key
Left = Left arrow key
Down = Down arrow key
Up = Up arrow key
. = Fire
, = Fly
/ = Keep Facing

Special Blows:
These are the generic special movements for all the fighters:
To fly - press and holds the fly button.
To increase power level (blue bar) - press and hold the fire button.
Keep Facing - while pressing the button "Keep Facing" and you push a movement key, the character keeps facing the same direction that it was but moves in the direction of the key that you pressed. This is very useful to avoid getting shot when you shoot.

In most cases the weapon from the "1st Level of force" can be steered using the players directionsl movement keys.

For more information on controls including player 2 controls please see the HTML file included in the game.

Dragonball Z Arena Battle is the best DBZ game that I have played that runs on so many operating systems.