Tips How To The Care Laptop Battery Doesn't Explode

Posted on Monday, July 27, 2009 by khabibkhan

Insident laptop explode often happen, to prevent battery laptop doesn't explode and evoke loss, matters that must you look at as follows:

  1. If battery weak and if battery weak and the operation time decreases drastic, better you are direct buys new battery. don't tries to repair battery that broken to use again.

  2. Always sure, you using original battery from official seller, if original battery a lot explode, even less with imitation battery.

  3. Don’t recharge your battery more than 8 clock, recharge battery too long risk evoke explosion.

  4. If battery is full when recharge, choose just one, using electricity or battery when you want to using laptop.

  5. Use recharge that compatible with your battery, charger that not compatible will increase risk overheating.

  6. Don not place the laptop in very hot area, for example in car baggage or under blazing sun.

  7. Always follow the development news technology, for example in the site news online, usually if there are problem with laptop batteries, vendor laptop will do withdrawal a large scale. If f your laptop happens problematic, you can follow the procedures that have been determined. for example, exchange the battery.