Ebook How To Create Mobile Game

Posted on Monday, December 14, 2009 by khabibkhan

Creating Mobile Games: Using Java™ ME Platform to Put the Fun into Your Mobile Device and Cell Phone is a practical build-it-yourself mobile Java games book with lots of complete working code and advice:

Shows you how to create a basic game and make it a professional one (by adding a pro look-and-feel by writing your own menus or using the open source J2ME Polish, and enabling marketing/billing from your own web site)Demonstrates Wireless Messaging and other optional APIs (using SMS, PIM, File Connection, Bluetooth, and so forth in a multiplayer game)Covers the new MIDP3

What you’ll learn
Start using the MIDP2 and MIDP3 in the newly open sourced Java ME Games API.Add a truly professional look-and-feel to your Java ME games.Use threads, tones, and other media.Store and retrieve data and enable networking.Create advanced interactive messaging with optional APIs for multiplayer gaming.Explore a complete business model for independent developers (distributing their own games) as well as for larger companies.

Who is this book for?

Software engineers with some knowledge of Java who would like to switch to MicroEdition programming, particularly games.