Posted on Monday, June 8, 2009 by khabibkhan

Alexa is website that provide information about the traffic a website.
Alexa Rank can be description about hit visitor who visit a website that accorded by alexa.
Alexa Rank is very important for our website because some website service of commercial advertisement that give condition rank of alexa in certain restriction if we want to use services.
The Alexa Rank is calculated based calculation three month history that collected Alexta toolbar users. File also get from other source and combined with pageview and reach or visit the original web visitor and not a robot.
Here severeal steps to increase Alexa rank :

1. Install Alexa Rank Widger in your sidebar.
Alexa code can be downloaded at Installation code in sidebar the same as with installation HTML code in general.
2. Install Alexa Plugin
Install Alexa toolbat ( http://www.alexa .com/site/download/). Setting our address website as main homepage from browser that we used
3. Writing Article about Alexa
Post article can be in the form topic about alexa, tips or something else aobut Alexa rank
4. Increase Visitor Traffic
Manner the best is post article that high value
5. Join in the forum or maliling list that appropriate with topic your website
Simple the way for interest visitor is leave link website blog at signature, espoused explanation short hit its contents.