Download Game Freehunter

Posted on Thursday, June 4, 2009 by khabibkhan

A great 3D flightsim and First Person Shooter in one (XP/Vista)

In this fantastic but not easy game you have to try to complete 24 missions as well into the air (flightsim) as on the ground (FPS). You even can drive a buggy (looks a bit on Grand Theft Auto as well)

- 24 Missions
- Seamless game scenery, outdoor and indoor
- Totally free movement in the game world
- Fly, run and drive a buggy
- Advanced graphic effects like bloom light, motion blur, true reflecting water and so on
- Ode physics
At the start of the game you can choose a resolution. This is very important when you are using an old computer. With a fast PC you can take a resolution of 1024x768x32 (or higher), but when you CPU speed is lower than 2 GHz you better can take a resolution of 640x480x16 (or lower).

M = Missions menu
Esc = Ingame menu (exit/continue)
- Into the air:
Arrows = Steering
A / Z = Throttle
Left Shift = Afterburner
Left Ctrl = Fire laser
Space = Weapon 2
(you can use the mouse as well)
F1... F5 = Camera views
R = Rear view
L = Camera light (important for night missions)
- On land (FPS):
W,A,S,D = Move
Space = Jump
Mouse = Aim
Left mouse = Fire weapon 1
Right mouse = Fire weapon 2
G = Grenade
Left Shift = Run on/off
C = Crouch
Enter = Action
- Car driving:
Arrows = Steering, accelerate, brakes
Left Ctrl = Fire
Space = Reset car
1,2 = Change weapon