Bing is New Search Engine from Microsoft

Posted on Saturday, June 6, 2009 by khabibkhan

Althought still Beta version, Search Engine from Microsoft that name is Bing we can already enjoy.

Like Google Search, We can group searching based object web( for situs web page) and images( for images), however here also offered news ( for news) and xrank (for know who and what most searched at this time).

Try input keyword, The result is quite different from what offered by google, here’s preview of some of the first line of each the article that found. The result images is also quiet nice, can be search at based images landscape and portrait, face and shoulder, as well as parts of other body.
That also fun, the search result are displayed in one page, no matter how much the result. We can zooming images, which can be limited by filtering if you do not want to see parts of the body specific.

First impression, Bing is Fast and nice look. Link to Live Microsoft also provided, so please try on your own