Posted on Saturday, August 8, 2009 by khabibkhan

mysterious smile that monalisa in work famous photo painting leonardo da vinci final revealed. german academicians has felted sure they success have broken mysterious that go on several centuries at the opposite of cutie identity that be that famous painting object.

lisa gherardini, wife a rich entrepreneur florence, francesco del giocondo, long looked at as model likeliest for century painting 16. but such, art historians often ask around to what may be woman that smile that actually darling da vinci, the mother or itself artist.

now expert at university library heidelberg declare based on note that written the owner in a book in october 1503 got certainty permanently that lisa del giocondo- model truthfully in that painting, be one of [the] famous photo painting at world.

” all hesitations about identity monalisa extinct follow invention by dr. armin schlechter, ” a expert codex, that library word is in the statement monday (14/1).

up to now, only got ‘proof less convince’ from various century document 16. ” this matter creats space for various interpretation and there many identities differ proposed, ” that library word.

that note is made by agostino vespucci, a official florence and friend da vinci, in article mail collection orator roman, cicero.

article in that note compares leonardo with ancient greek artist apelles and is declaring him is working on three paintings, one of them photo lisa del giocondo.

expert art, hook year that painting maker in that middle ages age, declare invention heidelberg that be penetration and previous reeling connects that large-scale merchant wife with photo painting.

” bothing;there is no reason to then doubt that this photo other woman, ” word historyman university art leipzig, franc zoelner, to german radio